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Top 10 Real Estate Web 2.0 Sites

Mark Bradley of Real Estate Web 2.0 Secrets has looked high and low for the Top 10 Real Estate Web 2.0 Sites. From his research here is the Top 10 Real Estate Web 2.0 Sites.
There is no question that there are more Real Estate Web 2.0 sites than 10. I have listed the top ten real estate Web 2.0 sites by Alexa Rank . These sites are truly amazing in their design, function, and tremendous amount of detailed information you can get with the click of your mouse.

Zillow.com: This site has a database consisting of tons of residential nationwide properties along with maps that the buyers can easily browse Real estate professionals and investors can get estimates of a property compared with nearby properties, a loan calculator, and advice on Real estate loans.. Real Estate Sellers can get an estimate of their home and can set it as private or public. Comparison of profiles of nearby properties can be easily done. Homeowners who are not planning to buy or sell can get have estimate of their home prices and can also compare it to other nearby properties. Alexa Rank 983

Trulia: This is a USA-based real estate search engine which can provide specifications of price range, property type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and square footage in your search. You get to specify the region by zip code or city, and a search produces just a list of properties along with a link to the legitimate seller. It also produces a Google map of the region with icons marking each property. Price trends can be judged by the interactive heat maps this site has to offer. For all those who are interested in investing in one or more properties, Trulia lends a bird’s eye view of what’s available in the market that fits your criteria. Trulia Publisher Platform, or TPP was announced by Trulia in January 2008. This enables, publishers and media companies to customize Trulia’s real estate search capability as per their specific needs, and publishers can host their own ads at zero cost on the search page of the sites . Alexa Rank 1,874

RealtyTrac: You will find dozens of Internet sites with foreclosure listing, but this site is by far the closest to being a representative of the Web 2.0. RealtyTrac is a search engine that allows Real Estate agents and buyers to locate foreclosure properties throughout the nation. Three types of bargain-buying opportunities are offered: the pre-foreclosure, the purchase of bank-owned properties, and public auction which are represented on RealtyTrac by six property statuses. Buyers need to pay a fee, just like it is for any other foreclosure site for viewing entire detailed information regarding the foreclosed property. Alexa Rank 6,291

Move.com: The site was launched in May 2006. It is a powerful and comprehensive real estate search engine which has an exclusive access to listings offered by REALTOR.com’s®, plus useful content on new home and rental properties available on the net. The innovative “move” aspect of this site covers in a magazine-like format articles. It also offers great tips and advice on everything related to moving: be it renovation, actual moving process and other additional services. Its search and sort features give you instant access to homes for rent and buying in and around your location. Alexa rank 9,045

BiggerPockets: This is our site. It underwent a brilliant Web 2.0-guided transformation and came up with the Premiere Real Estate Social Networking site. With prime focus on networking, education, and deal making the site has a professional approach to the business of real estate for both customers and professionals. You can even join the community and build your very own real estate network! Alexa Rank 24,260

Apartment Finder: This user-friendly site offers a search engine with access to apartments nationwide. Apartments can be found listed near colleges, schools and military bases, or directly by a certain address. You also can find rental properties with their map-based and keyword searches. This site lets you create an account of your own where you can save your future apartment prospects for a later review. The only drawback of the site is its design. It sure made us want to send the webmaster back to web design school. Alexa Rank 24,300

Real Estate ABC They have just come up with their beta version of property evaluation tool to compete with Zillow. The use of Google Maps in their technology mashup allows you to do many innovative things like readjust values of properties under certain given certain market conditions which Zillow doesn’t have yet. It seems they have successfully beaten Zillow in their own arena. Alexa Rank 59,866

Eppraisal is a free service using which users can easily and quickly initiate buying, refinancing, or selling a home by providing instant services like property valuations, real estate professional’s appraisals for your property, and many additional services. It also brings together almost public record data information from 70 million homes. This site, quickly and effortlessly provide its users with estimated value range for their properties. Additional information regarding the neighborhood like schools, employment, local professionals, and lifestyle are provided alongside the buying information. Alexa Rank 78,403

Retrove: Retrove is a national level vertical search engine specifically developed for real estate professionals that allows buyers to look for relevant real estate listings. MLS listings, foreclosures, classifieds FSBO and many other properties up for sale across the nation can be found using this search engine. Once users type in the parameters, Retrove provides all the listings in a user-friendly list. This search engine is advantageous as it saves time for Real Estate buyers looking to buy homes in a specific region. Users can search by state as well. Alexa Rank 608,585

ChoiceA: Here the users can list their property for sale for free, and then they can cross-post the ChoiceA listings to Craigslist or Backpage. Real Estate buyers can browse the available listings with smart technologies like drag-n-drop favorites, compare listings with data, and endless scroll searches for pictures or maps. Free and easily downloadable real estate transaction forms are provided. Functional from November 2007, this site has done really well. So keep track of this site while browsing other FSBO sites. Also keep track of their blog as you’ll realize the aim of the site. The very simple and refreshing interfaces them apart from the rest. Alexa Rank 1,451,939

Please explore these sites again and again. They are a treasure of information for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals of all types.

Many of these sites have widgets and links that you can put on your own blog to add value to your customers. The more value you add to your website the better relationship you build with them.

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